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Nativity Campaign

Reaching Up and Reaching Out Nativity Campaign News!

Congratulations and give God good thanks!!!!

Nativity Campaign

We have reached and surpassed our Spring 2021 push goal of 3 million dollars!! As of this writing we have over $3,200,000 pledged and committed to pursue the dreams of transforming our campus for engagement in mission and meeting the needs of those who are food and housing insecure!

To God be the glory and to you thanksgiving for sharing your gifts and spirit!

What's next!?

Our dreams are big and we push a bit more! If you have yet to consider a gift to the campaign or would like to know more about it please contact Tori Aitchison at What we are doing together is Godly and will impact the mission of this Cathedral for generations to come! Thank you.

We can be successful with everyone's help! Our Campaign Committee is able to meet with anyone at the Cathedral who wants to hear more about the Campaign. If you have not yet had a chance to meet with one of our leaders, please reach out to us at

If you are interested in making a pledge, Click Here to access our pledge card. When you are ready to make your gift, please return by printing, scanning, and emailing to or by mailing to Nativity Cathedral, 321 Wyandotte Street, Bethlehem PA 18015.

Campaign Leadership

Co-Chairs: Tori Aitchison, Richard Sause
Major Gifts Chair: Dick Guyer
Advance Gifts Co-Chairs: Don Appleton, Tom Edwards
Special & General Gifts Co-Chairs: Karen Boksan, Mary Mulder
Campaign Volunteers: Cathy Bailey, Carl & Laura Chegwidden, Rodney & Sarabel Conn, Kit Hower, Better Isaacs, Joe & Olivia Tramontana

Our Prayer

O God our help of ages past, of present, and of future...
...fill our hearts anew, as you filled the hearts of our forebears who dreamt of this sacred space and, in faith, placed it on this hill - so that generations might live, love, and serve. Watch over us as we stand on their shoulders in faith, and seek to renew our sacred spaces, so that we might reach out and welcome in all of your people. Inspire our generous spirits and fill our imaginations so that we might hear and see the voices and prayers of those in future generations. It is in your name of Love we pray.

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