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Pilgrimage Ministry

Pilgrimage Ministry "To take time to be apart, which I consciously give to myself as something positive, creative, is not a luxury, it is essential. The gift of space for oneself seems so simple, and in a way it is; but it is so surprisingly difficult to do without some form of external encouragement. If we fail to find the time to stand back, to give ourselves a break, a breathing space, we are in danger of failing to be fully alive, or to enjoy that fullness of life for which we were created.

We are surrounded by noise, a constant battering of sound, threats of pollution and natural disaster, international crises at all levels. Stopping to take time to look at the pattern of my life, and to think and pray about it, will almost inevitably mean that I not only learn more about God, but I discover more about myself. As I change, so must my relationship with God."
Esther DeWaal, Lost in Wonder.

The first pilgrimage of nativity took place in the Spring of 2013. A group of 16 souls embarked on a Celtic discovery to Wales. There we immersed ourselves in the Celtic world-view and experience, visited ancient places of prayer, were fortunate to have renowned author, Esther DeWaal, meet and guide us, and make our way to Bardsey Island, the place of 20,000 Saints. Other experiences has taken us to Rome to pray for and work with refugees at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center located at St. Paul’s within the Walls Episcopal Church.

The spirit of pilgrimage is to invite one into an experience set apart daily and worldly demands, and journey with one hope- to discover the holy voice that is within all of us. Pilgrimage should never be confused with touring, for it is holy work to be done on pilgrimage, and it offers a cup that overflows with grace.


Adult Pilgrimage is postponed until travel permits a safe journey for all.

Senior High School Pilgrimage - Navajo Land, Arizona
July 30 - August 6, 2022

As our young adults continue to grow though high school, they are invited to participate in a pilgrimage. The students choose the destination with church mentors guiding them through this process. The trip experience is largely planned by the youth, having them decide what they want to focus on when they arrive. Each day they build a new itinerary revolving around experience in faith in the location of their choosing. These trips are made free for participants as they work each year to fund raise for the trip. This has a long standing history at the church. Students have gone to such locations as Quebec, San Francisco, Maine, New Orleans, Seattle, and most recently Navajo Land in Arizona. They are provided the opportunity to build community and leadership skills in an inclusive atmosphere that promotes understanding, encourages open communication, and supports cohesiveness through service. Through these trips, our young adults will increase their cultural awareness and knowledge as it relates to the overall trip theme, while increasing self-understanding and personal spirituality.

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