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Adult Formation

Nativity Cathedral 2020
January 12-19 & Feb 2
Melinda Rizzo

Long-time parishioner and poet Melinda Rizzo will lead three workshop-style sessions, exploring faith through poetry before we head into Lent, from her new award nominated book Late Snow and Hellebore.

We’ll be doing individual timed writings to explore creativity, faith journey and the quiet time during Epiphany, Ash Wednesday and Lent. We’ll also create shared group poems from a single line prompt.

January 26 at 9 AM
Annual Meeting

In addition to the necessary annual business of our mission minded Cathedral (budgets, electing leadership, reports), you will not want to miss the presentation by leaders of our Third Millennium Fund.

This visionary fund generates income that is purposely, strategically, and generously shared with ministry partners. Hear about the work of the fund and about the people's lives who are transformed.

February 9
Marcie Lightwood, M.S.W.
New Bethany Ministries Parenting Class Ministry

New Bethany Ministries’ mission is to better people's lives, and help them with life skills to become independent and whole. The Cathedral's focus on children and families continue as Marcie, who leads the New Bethany Ministries Parenting class (which meets at the Cathedral weekly), shares the challenges and opportunities facing parents in this class.

February 16
Rob Pompa, M.S.W.
HIV/AIDS & impact on children and families in LV

HIV effects many with a ripple effect that reaches many manifestations of life. Rob Pompa (who is indeed related to the Dean) shares some of his experience and work particularly with children and families in the Lehigh Valley.

February 23
Intergenerational Pancake Breakfast

Pancaking the Dean is back! Join for the pancake supper as we say goodbye to the season of Epiphany and prepare for our Lenten journey. Good food (well pancakes) and activities for adults and children, including quiz show and of course......who doesn't want to throw pancakes at the Dean!

All events listed on this brochure are highlight and subject to change.

Nativity Cathedral
321 Wyandotte Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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