Nativity Cathedral
Cathedral Church of the Nativity
321 Wyandotte Street • Bethlehem, PA 18015
Phone: 610-865-0727

Weekly Services:

Worship & Formation Opportunities
8:45am 321 Contact Alternative Worship - Nativity Platz (tent in lower parking lot)

10am Holy Euchrist
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12:30pm Spanish Worship

5 PM Evensong (Virtual)
Evensong in the Cathedral - Virtual (Click Here)

5:30pm Heart Rhythm Meditation with Jennifer Adrienne
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7pm Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Kevin Siddons

7 PM Adult Formation
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October 22, 2020 I am writing to update you on the next segment of our common life as it relates to our Covid- 19 protocols.
First, let me say how grateful I am to be part of a community of faith that has not missed a step in terms of remaining focused on our mission. We have not for one moment stopped in our faithfulness in worship, formation, service, and yes, even fellowship. We have adapted every step of the way and you have been faithful! Thank you.
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In-Person Worship Begins July 5 - click here for more information and to register

Cathedral Connections
A great way to re-connect this Summer and beyond. Join in small groups with other like minded Cathedral folk for a time of connecting and enjoyment. Groups of 8-10 will meet virtually (and at some point may choose to meet in person). Choose the group(s) you wish to participate in by the interest you have!
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Living the Story

Cathedral Church of the Nativity is Living the Story as a:
Welcoming Haven, Caring Community, Nurturing Space for Children and Youth, and a Congregation Committed to Serving.

We invite you to come along and be part of the story.

Nativity Cathedral

Nativity Cathedral
321 Wyandotte Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Phone: 610-865-0727
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